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Tech-Clean Inc. is experienced in all facets of floor tile service. We are capable of servicing the following tile surfaces:

  • Vinyl Tile

  • Terrazzo

  • Quarry tile

  • Concrete

We provide floor services to the following industries:

  • Medical

  • Auto dealerships

  • Retail center stores

Tech-Clean Inc. is capable of all general floor services including strip, scrub, and buff services. Futhermore, we possess the skills to tackle the more intricate floor services for any hard floor service

Floor Tile Service



Stripping/ Waxing

Tech-Clean Inc. prides itself in providing the most efficient, safe, and detailed strip and refinish work available in the market. Our experience comes from decades of work in retail and medical facilities. 

We can transform a dull, dirty or scratched up floor to a new condition. Our equipment is state of the art - propane or battery equipment. Combined with effective equipment comes experienced crews that understand floors and work the detail to unexpected levels.

Mopping the Floor



Grout Cleaning Service

Tech-Clean Inc. can clean and restore your facility bathroom grout lines to new condition. Dirty grout lines are a very common issue in many facility bathrooms and detracts from an otherwise clean restroom. 

We operate hi pressure hydro equipment necessary to clean and restore grout. This proprietary equipment is used in conjunction with specific chemicals suited for the type of tile service. The unit injects water at an adjustable hi pressure, followed by a vacuum to remove the excess water and dirt. 

Please call on us to assess your bathroom floor.




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